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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

“Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices, who wondrous things hath done, in whom his world rejoices; who from our mothers’ arms, hath blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love, and still is ours today.”


Now thank we all our God:


~For our beautiful new home in an established neighborhood in New Port Richey, FL. (Please make a note of our new address above.) This lovely provision is clearly from His hand.


~For an amazing church family in Palm Harbor, FL. The body of Crystal Cove Community Church has blessed us greatly with love, prayers, and financial support as Alan has taken on an interim position. ~For Alan’s job teaching middle and high school at Grace Christian School. He takes joy in teaching Literature, English, and Spanish. ~For his establishment of El-Elyon Seminary in Bohoc, Haiti.



~ For Cheryl’s myasthenia gravis flare-up which resulted in her having to resign from her teaching job. (She plans to continue subbing.) Yes, we praise him for all things. The Lord has used the time for her to set-up our home. We are seeking the Lord to see if it is His timing for her to launch her Securely Held ministry. We appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s healing graces.



~For Joseph’s making good friends and adjusting well to Florida, he is having an excellent senior year and enjoys his job at Chick-fil-A.



For Hannah and Daniel prospering in their careers in Atlanta, GA. For the Lord preserving Hannah’s life after she developed an internal bleed following what was supposed to be outpatient surgery.


~For Abigail and Kenneth enjoying married life in Chattanooga, TN.


~For the home-going of both of Alan’s precious parents and our dear spiritual mother, Pat Vitkus.

“The separation is temporary, the reunion eternal.”



“He has done wondrous things and blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love!”


Securely held in Christ,

Cheryl for the Lutzes




Guest Post: Prayer Letter, Alan A. Lutz


Dear Friends,


Blessings to you in Christ Jesus, the King and Head of the Church! I pray this letter finds you well and enjoying the advent of spring. I am grateful to the Lord for all of you who remembered me and my family this month. My dear mother passed away four weeks ago today, and I am so thankful that I was able to be with her at the end of her earthly life. We held her funeral on the 21st. It was God’s leading to postpone my March 2-8 trip to Haiti so I could go to Indiana. He gave me strength to speak about the testimony of her Christian faith and life. The impact of them on my life and ministry has been huge. Abraham Lincoln once said that “No man is poor who has had a godly mother.” My siblings and I have been very rich indeed.


I attended the annual MINTS board meeting March 9-11 in Miami. It was a wonderful time listening to and sharing about the growth and deepening of works around the world. Just a sampling of them includes: 31 groups in 27 cities in Venezuela, and 15 center in Mexico – the country director emphasized the best way to start a church-planting movement is to begin with theological education. The goal of the founding international dean of MINTS is to have national coordinators in every country. There are 160 students in South Africa, and 220 in Brazil – the national coordinator said that 70% of the pastors there have no training. 8 groups are meeting in the Dominican Republic In Santo Domingo and Santiago, with other cities being targeted. We praised the Lord for what He is doing through MINTS in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the U.S. A.! I stayed with a family in Miami whose father directs a MINTS study center in his church!


Please pray earnestly for my upcoming April 18-25 trip to Bohoc, Haiti:

  • purchasing French and Creole Bibles and supplies in Port au Prince
  • teaching our first course: Introduction to the Scriptures April 21-23 (15 class hours)
  • meeting with the Haitian pastors who have organized El-Elyon Seminary
  • setting up a new laptop and tablet to be used by the seminary committee


In addition, upon my return to Florida, a dear Puerto Rican pastor friend and I are starting a new MINTS study center in Spring Hill (Hernando County) for Hispanic pastors and church leaders. It is amazing how God brought us together at our apartment complex! We hope to have a dozen or more students begin classes in September.


The first part of my Doctor of Ministry program with MINTS is writing a commentary on the book of Titus. I shared the glorious passage in chapter 2:11-14 at my mother’s funeral, and I am dedicating the commentary to her. Please pray that I will have this completed by the end of May.


May the Lord bless you for your participation in this Gospel ministry! All for Jesus, Alan



Ministry Report: Guest Post by Pastor Alan A. Lutz

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Greetings, Dear Support Team!

     Here are some pictures from our seminar on Christology last Fri/ Sat, and our Committee of the newly formed El-Elyon Study Center in Bohoc, Haiti.  Note those cool certificates we took for the students!  It was a full week of travel, meetings, study, and fellowship.  I just got home late last night, so these pictures and notes are hot off the press.


     I flew from Tampa to Miami and Cap Haitiene on Mon., Nov. 30.  After arriving mid-afternoon, we had a 3-hour motorcycle ride through the mountains to reach Pastor Georges’ town of Bohoc.  The road was really rough in places and it was a little rainy, but we arrived safely, thank the Lord.  I needed to see a chiropractor after occupying the passenger seat for that long!

     Tuesday and Wednesday our Committee met from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.  We had delicious Haitian coffee to get the day started and provided lunch for the brothers.  They chose the name El-Elyon for the school.  It means “God Most High” in Hebrew (remember singing those words in Michael Card’s classic El Shaddai?).  To Him be the glory!  The school is set to hold its first class in February or March, depending on when I can travel.

     Thursday was a study day for me to finalize prep for the seminar, then on Fri./Sat. 40 pastors, elders, and church leaders came from about 10 churches.  Most of them came from within an hour’s walk.  We were sad that the group coming the farthest earlier in the week suffered a motorcycle wreck.  Stefan, the leader of the church, had a serious leg injury and had to be hospitalized.  He is to have surgery this week. 

     The pastors who make up the Committee shared personal testimonies of their involvement with the school and encouraged their friends and associates to consider enrolling.  There was a high level of interest in coming for training, and I believe the Lord will use the seminary to bring many pastors and leaders together for needed fellowship and support.

      We drove Stefan to the hospital in Cap Haitiene on Sunday.  We were able to visit Pastor Fred’s younger brother Benn who attends college nearby.  He is there for 7 years of training to be a doctor, and already planning to go back to his and Fred’s home town of Mombin Crochu to run the town’s medical clinic and care for the large number of orphans.  I love all these adopted sons!


     I am so thankful for your prayers for me this past week!  I witnessed God move powerfully in our Committee meetings and 10-hour seminar.  By God’s grace the impact of El-Elyon Seminary is going to be huge in northern Haiti.  We hope to have 25 or more students in our first class offered next spring.  Until then we have a lot of work to do completing applications and course prep.

     What a joy it is to partner in ministry with such committed young men of God!  Their life is unbelievably difficult, but they are facing their challenges with strong faith in our mighty Savior.  You are a part of their lives too!  They love you and pray for you even though they don’t know you personally.  Thank-you for sharing the hope that Christ Jesus has brought to the world!        In His grace, Alan.


Prayer Letter: Guest Post by Pastor Alan A. Lutz

Alan & Cheryl Lutz
11835 Cassandra Street, #304
New Port Richey, FL  34654
“I am determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and for Him alone.” (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, from his devotional for January 1st)
Dear Faithful Intercessors and Supporters:
     Oswald Chambers’ biography by David McCasland is titled Abandoned to God.  What a perfect summary of the great man’s life.  The quote above speaks to the very same theme.  One of the greatest blessings of 2015 in my life has been reading every single one of Chambers’ entries year to date. Reference today’s devotional based on Paul’s words in Galatians 2:20, “The Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me”:
     “We have to battle through our moods into absolute devotion to the Lord Jesus,  to get out of the hole-and-corner business of our experience into abandoned devotion to Him…  Our faith must be in the One from Whom our experience springs.  Jesus Christ wants our absolute abandon of devotion to Himself…”
     This is what I want the ministry in Haiti that we’re engaged in to be, “absolutely and entirely for Him, and for Him alone.”  Jesus is our Savior, and this motivation springs from His glorious salvation “by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone!”  Please pray for me weekly to this end.
  • for God’s calling in my life to serve Him through MINTS and teaching me more about being Abandoned to God
  • for Haitian pastors Georges, Fred, Chery, Joscelyn, Odison, and Alexandre who form the Study Center Committee in the city of Bohoc in Northern Haiti
  • for Dan English of Westminster Chapel in Ball Ground, Georgia, who is helping to establish a chicken farm in Pastor Fred’s community of Mombin Crochu – this will be able to feed the 100 children that Fred cares for and generate income for his family and ministry
  • for my upcoming November 30December 7 trip to Haiti – I will fly into Cap Haitiene on the northern coast for the first time – to bear much and lasting fruit
  • for the Committee’s meetings to finish up the organizational phase of the Study Center and make all necessary preparations to launch classes early in 2016
  • for God’s provision of a laptop (new or used) for Pastor George who is the coordinator of the Study Center Committee and needs it badly for all the administrative work – please contact me immediately if you can provide one!
A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  There always is in Christ Jesus.

“Come… and Help Us!” Guest post by Alan A. Lutz

Bonswa, My Friends:
That’s “Good Afternoon” in Creole.  I pray this prayer letter finds you doing well in the Lord!  I am leaving for Haiti next Thursday and wanted to ask for your prayer support.  Without Jesus’ blessing I can’t do anything of lasting value, but with a strong prayer brigade I trust wonderful things will be accomplished!
I was reminded this week of the Apostle Paul’s call to Macedonia (recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 16).  It was an extraordinary beginning of the Church on the continent of Europe!  An amazing vision, a humble prayer meeting, and a storm of opposition were the circumstances.  Our missionary Savior, who came to seek and to save that which was lost and so build His Church, was mightily at work!  Jesus directed Paul, Silas, and Timothy to Philippi, He opened Lydia’s heart to the Gospel, overpowered Satan’s obstacles, and brought a jailer and his family to saving faith as charter members of the new congregation.
Please pray for an extraordinary beginning to a new MINTS Study Center in Bohoc, Haiti.  With God all things are possible!  I look forward to sharing fruits of the trip with you in a couple weeks upon my return.  For know, please lift these bullet points before the throne of grace – it’s the Mission Control center in heaven:
  • God’s protection over my travels and family Sept. 3-8 
  • Pastors Georges Cadet and Fred Delauriers who will serve as Coordinators of the Study Center, and others who with them will form the Study Center Committee
  • God’s wisdom in meetings next weekend to get the Committee established 
  • Guidance in recruiting and registering students for the new school
  • God’s Spirit to anoint every dimension of the trip and bring encouragement to our brethren in Haiti
Please pray DAILY, and remember the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic TODAY who are in the path of Hurricane Erika!  God be with you and bless you for partnering in this work.
All for Jesus,
Pastor Alan