About Cheryl

Cheryl Lutz is a trained and experienced Speaker, Lay Counselor, and founder of the ministry, Securely Held. Her passion is helping others realize they are firmly held by Christ, in the midst of spiritual warfare.

For Speaking or Lay Counseling services, please contact Cheryl Lutz by e-mail at clutz40@gmail.com or by phone at 404.725.7046.

6 thoughts on “About Cheryl

  1. Mark Cosby

    Cheryl is a warm and honest woman who loves the Lord and her family. I have always felt welcome in her home and she has even been adventurous enough to ride on the back of my motorcycle, once! God speed you in your endevor!

  2. Equipping The Saints

    Your “About Cheryl” section is very telling of a believer in Christ who has been called for a special purpose, such as you have been called. I trust that you will check out my blog. I try to provide food for thought for those who seek to fulfill the Great Commission. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you, your family and your ministry. In His Name, I offer this prayer.

      1. Equipping The Saints

        I am inerested in our ministry. One of our ladies leads our ministry of benevolence. I would for like her to get in contact with you. If that is okay with you, I will send a link to your email address that tells more about our congregation. Blessings to you.

  3. Equipping The Saints

    My blog is an extension of my pulpit. I find great leading from God when I am writing my posts; I trust that you will receive ideas from them. I believe in “provoking thought” in my sermons, teachings, blog posts and normal day-to-day conversation. I hope that I may have been able to such “provoking” in your mind. I will be praying for you.


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