Guest Post: Pastor Alan A. Lutz


Dear Haiti MINTS Team:

Greetings to you in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, King of the Nations! I pray this prayer letter finds you well at the beginning of summer 2016!

I am gearing up to return to Haiti during the second half of July. I will be teaching an Introduction to the New Testament course following up on the Old Testament Intro in April. I trust we will have the 25+ students back and others as well. We had much positive feedback from the students after our first formal course.

I wanted to highlight one of the key leaders in our new MINTS Study Center – “El-Elyon Seminary” – in the town of Bohoc in north-central Haiti. His name is Alexandre, and he serves as the president of the seminary. He is a godly and mature pastor who has labored for several years in the rural village of Lomenis, about a half hour via motorcycle from Bohoc. He is pictured above with his precious children, secondly standing in front of his church/school building – the green board is full of school information, and thirdly in front of his house. The other two men in that picture are Pastors Fred and Georges.

Alexandre has brought excellent leadership skills to the seminary committee, and he is wholeheartedly devoted to the church leaders and courses we’re engaged with. He has, in fact, brought key leaders from his own congregation to our classes. What a privilege it is to work with such a fine man of God! He has very little materially speaking but is faithfully proclaiming the riches of Christ Jesus as he ministers the Gospel in word and deed in his village. I look forward to the day when he is writing his own courses and teaching in El-Elyon Seminary!

By God’s grace, MINTS is bringing affordable and accessible theological education to Pastor Alexandre and men like him.   The fellowship being enjoyed in the work of the committee and courses is a great encouragement to this pastor who faces unbelievable hardships battling the poverty and spiritual darkness of his country. We are called to share one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Please pray for this devoted ambassador of Christ! He is growing in his understanding of the word of God and fulfilling the 2 Timothy 2:2 design of multiplying church leaders!

I covet your prayers for my course preparation, travel, teaching, counseling, and administration involved with my upcoming July trip. If it were only for Pastor Alexandre it would all be worth it, but he represents a host of native pastors that will bring spiritual reformation to the church in Haiti!                              All for Jesus, Alan

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