He Lifts My Head: by Cheryl Lutz

“But Thou, O Lord, art a shield about me,
My glory, and the One who lifts my head.”
(Psalm 3:3)



The oppression has been thick and heavy, making it hard to breathe. This journey of “walking by faith and not by sight” has been harder than I ever imagined. I have walked alongside and prayed for others as the darkness seemed to close in around them, but somehow depression has never been my thing. One of my spiritual gifts is faith, so this “losing hope” is new territory. I’ve had to ask others to pray for me when I couldn’t seem to pray for myself. I’ve had to ask others to believe for me when my belief seemed elusive. I’ve had to practice what I preach and fall on my face in prayer. I’ve had to stay in the Word when I just plain don’t feel like it. I’ve had to let the tears flow, and know He is “catching them in His bottle.” When the enemy’s lies have continually assaulted my mind, I’ve turned on worship music to drown him out. Sometimes my heart cries have been simple but profound, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” The beautiful thing is that Jesus’ mercy does rain down. He shows me His glory, and He lifts my head.

How about you? What do you do when depression strikes, or when the enemy of our soul attacks?

The old hymn writer William Cooper sure seemed to get it!

“Sometimes a light surprises
The Christian while he sings;
It is the Lord who rises
With healing in His wings;
When comforts are declining,
He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining,
To cheer it after rain.”

Dear One, read Psalm 3. Know that the Lord is your shield and glory. He WILL lift your head!

10 thoughts on “He Lifts My Head: by Cheryl Lutz

  1. Sherry Carter

    This is so beautiful, Cheryl. It is always easy for me to give words of encouragement to others, to pray for them, and to lift them up. But when I’m the one walking through dark days, all those things I say to others don’t work. That’s when God brings my brothers and sisters in Christ to surround me and to pray with me. He is so gracious.

    I have learned that the Spirit prays for me when I’m at a loss of what to say. Many times I’ve whispered, “Spirit, let me listen to your prayer because my heart is empty.” He’s always there.

  2. Catherine

    I must say that you are doing an amazing job of reaching out to God. Being able to recognize Satan and have the will and determination to shut him out is so impressive. I pray that if I ever face a depression like that, that I would react the way you have. It may seem insincere, but please don’t take it that way…feel better. I will be praying for you.

  3. Walter Kahler

    Powerful Cheryl. Thanks for allowing me to witness your strong faith in times of despair. Prayer, meditation and sitting quietly is where I start when I’m in trails. I also pray for others during these times simply asking God to fulfill His will in their lives before doing anything for me. And doing good deeds for others focusing on the ones that no one knows where it came from. Getting out of myself through serving the needs of others helps take my mind off of my own woes. Last but not least I continue picking up my cross and relying upon Christ. GBY

  4. Deb Palmer

    This is such a lovely post, words that speak for many hearts. I read the other comments and relate to Sherry. I am great at encouraging others, but when left alone with my own thoughts, I sometimes allow depression a way in. Without friends to point my face upwards, I am lost. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart for God.

  5. Dixie

    Cheryl, I haven’t even met you but you have ministered to me just in the compassion and love you have shown me through reading and sharing my blogs. And now I see that your year has been one that doesn’t even compare…for how can we compare our separate battles but to just love, pray, and reach out. Thank you for your transparency, as well. ♥


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