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“Come… and Help Us!” Guest post by Alan A. Lutz

Bonswa, My Friends:
That’s “Good Afternoon” in Creole.  I pray this prayer letter finds you doing well in the Lord!  I am leaving for Haiti next Thursday and wanted to ask for your prayer support.  Without Jesus’ blessing I can’t do anything of lasting value, but with a strong prayer brigade I trust wonderful things will be accomplished!
I was reminded this week of the Apostle Paul’s call to Macedonia (recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 16).  It was an extraordinary beginning of the Church on the continent of Europe!  An amazing vision, a humble prayer meeting, and a storm of opposition were the circumstances.  Our missionary Savior, who came to seek and to save that which was lost and so build His Church, was mightily at work!  Jesus directed Paul, Silas, and Timothy to Philippi, He opened Lydia’s heart to the Gospel, overpowered Satan’s obstacles, and brought a jailer and his family to saving faith as charter members of the new congregation.
Please pray for an extraordinary beginning to a new MINTS Study Center in Bohoc, Haiti.  With God all things are possible!  I look forward to sharing fruits of the trip with you in a couple weeks upon my return.  For know, please lift these bullet points before the throne of grace – it’s the Mission Control center in heaven:
  • God’s protection over my travels and family Sept. 3-8 
  • Pastors Georges Cadet and Fred Delauriers who will serve as Coordinators of the Study Center, and others who with them will form the Study Center Committee
  • God’s wisdom in meetings next weekend to get the Committee established 
  • Guidance in recruiting and registering students for the new school
  • God’s Spirit to anoint every dimension of the trip and bring encouragement to our brethren in Haiti
Please pray DAILY, and remember the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic TODAY who are in the path of Hurricane Erika!  God be with you and bless you for partnering in this work.
All for Jesus,
Pastor Alan

Need a Speaker for a Women’s Event?


Cheryl Lutz is a speaker, lay counselor, teacher, and writer. With a background in early childhood education, women’s ministry, and Christian counseling, she is a well-rounded communicator. She enjoys presenting keynotes or workshops on spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts, forgiveness and restoration, anger and anxiety, physical and mental affliction, and shepherding children.

Her interest in spiritual warfare developed as a result of her personal experience with demonic oppression against her and her family while they were serving in full-time Christian service. This experience, combined with 25 years as a pastor’s wife, mother of four, and Bible study teacher, gives her a unique perspective on spiritual warfare. It is Cheryl’s hope that by sharing her knowledge others will learn to live out the fact that our enemy is a defeated foe, and we are “more than conquerors through Him that loved us!”

While first earning her degree in Early Childhood Education at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX, she has gone on to earn an advanced diploma in Biblical Counseling from Light University Online. She is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and founder of Securely Held, LLC, a speaking, lay counseling, and writing ministry.

She utilizes the power of story to engage her audience, and she roots all her talks in passages of Scripture. Jesus is the master storyteller, and Cheryl believes ones find hope and healing through His blood and righteousness alone. She acknowledges that apart from the outpouring of His Holy Spirit she is powerless. Therefore, she bathes all of her Scripture-filled talks in prayer.

Cheryl is a recent transplant to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida after thirteen years in North Georgia. She lives with her favorite pastor who happens to be her husband and best friend, their youngest son Joey who is almost 17, and their sweet rescue dog Skipper. When not working, Cheryl likes to read, blog, swim, and ride bikes. You may reach Cheryl Lutz at or Her statement of faith and personal testimony are also available at

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My Favorite Front Porch Story

Ps 99:1 The LORD reigns; let the peoples tremble! He dwells between the cherubim; let the earth be moved!


A fresh sense of hope entered our home as dear friends arrived for dinner. What a comfort it is to break bread around the dining room table with special family and soul mates.


Though our hearts revived through exceptional fellowship and food, we still needed a private hour to receive counsel from our dear friends who came to help us bear our heavy burden.

Someone suggested the four of us retreat to the front porch. What a grand idea! We meandered out and stood still for a moment as we breathed in the enticing smells of a Georgia summer. Our sweet company took the time to admire my husband’s handiwork as they observed the freshly stained deck and the crisp white rails.

The birds chirped softly in the background as we sat down in the old rockers with a bright new coat of paint, which seemed to revive them to their original state. I deeply sighed as I listened to the gentle creak of that old armchair against the planks of wood. I then opened my mouth to ask the question that had been burning in my heart.

“Is it okay for my soul-wounded pastor/husband to leave a flock we deeply love?” My diseased body and depressed soul longed for answers. The light cool breeze refreshed our skin, as their words refreshed our souls. We knew that we knew, their response was from Him

Due to that front porch counsel, we have since sold that lovely Georgia home and most of our possessions and moved to Florida. We are each pursuing our God-given passion to teach, preach, counsel, and speak the gospel here, and around the world.

I now encourage you to step out and away onto your “front porch”, wherever that is for you. Perhaps with trusted mentors, or perhaps just you, Jesus, and His Word. Quiet your soul and listen. He will show up. He will speak.


“There, there on eagle’s wings we soar,And time and sense seem all no more,And heaven comes down our souls to greet,And glory crowns the mercy seat.” (From Every Stormy Wind that Blows, Hugh Stowell)

Latest on the Lutzes!


Dear Ministry Partners:

MINTS International Seminary

“Preparing Christian Leaders for MinistryThrough Affordable, Accessible Theological Education” “Investing in Education”

Greetings from New Port Richey, Florida! We drove a UHaul truck down from Georgia a month ago, put things in storage, and unpacked our suitcases at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. They have been most gracious to allow us to stay here until we get moved into our own place. The past few weeks have been jam-packed with getting our son Joseph registered in a new school, finding a new church home, filling out a thousand loan application documents, seeking a tent-making job, getting Cheryl to her “She Speaks” Conference, and celebrating our son Daniel’s graduation from college! I think I even remembered our 26th wedding anniversary too! We have relocated in order to establish a new home base for ministry. This North Tampa Bay Area affords easy access to airports, a low cost of living, proximity to family and friends, and a good climate for Cheryl’s health. Everyone who has moved knows how draining it is, but God has sustained us and confirmed His will for us to be here. It will take time to set down roots and have this feel like home, but we trust that will happen, by God’s grace.

Forty years ago this month my parents sent me off to college. They were investing in my education, for which I am most grateful. Those four years were followed by four more in youth ministry and mission work in New Mexico. When I sensed God’s calling to prepare for pastoral ministry, I invested the next three years in a seminary education at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. That opened the door to a pastorate in Corpus Christi, Texas, for six years. Then with a wife and two small children, I headed back to Covenant Seminary for another year of studies – once again a profitable investment in education. Twenty years have passed, full of the blessings of ministry in churches in Missouri, Indiana, and Georgia. Now I’ve begun the Doctor of Ministry program with MINTS International Seminary, and joined their missionary faculty, which are another… yes, investment in education!


My calling is the motto of MINTS: Preparing Christian Leaders for Ministry Through Affordable, Accessible Theological Education. In this first phase of ministry my goal is to help establish a new MINTS Study Center in North Central Haiti. I am working with a young Haitian pastor named Georges Cadet whom I have know for three years. We met for two days in June while he was in the states to study the MINTS guidelines. Pastor Georges will be the Coordinator of the Study Center, and on my upcoming trip to Haiti we will form the Study Center Committee and begin registering students. Lord willing, we will teach the first course early in 2016! In the meantime Pastor Georges will begin translating the course into Creole, the native language of Haiti. This formal degree program of study will meet the students where they are educationally, probably at the certificate level. We will then work towards the associate, bachelors, and masters levels. With God’s help, in time students will graduate and begin writing and teaching their own courses, and even start new Study Centers!

This is all about investing in education! That’s what others have done for me – parents, pastors, professors, mentors, fellow church leaders and members. And that’s what I’m called to do in Haiti and wherever else the Lord wills to send me. Furthermore, that’s why I desperately need ministry partners! You are investing in the education of church leaders in one of the poorest countries in the world, but one that can become spiritually rich. Praying week in and week out for my role in Haiti is investing in the theological education of church leaders. Most of them would never be able to afford leaving their home town and church to seek formal education in Port au Prince, the capital city, or Cap Haitien on the northern coast. We are taking affordable and accessible biblical training to them! Without Jesus we can do nothing. He said so. And He has prioritized prayer as a chief means of bringing His will to pass. Thank-you for praying! Don’t underestimate the impact that your prayers are having and will have in transforming pastors’ and leaders’ lives, and in turn entire churches and communities. And thank-you to all of you who have been able and willing to contribute financially to this cause! You are investing in education. I have the goal of raising $6,ooo per month for ministry and personal expenses, and you generous givers have enabled me to reach about 20% of that goal through monthly pledges and one-time gifts. May God bless you richly! I have never found education to be an inexpensive investment, but I have always found it to be one of the best I could ever make. I hope you will feel that way about my calling to be a missionary professor with MINTS. By God’s grace I will be able to go to Haiti quarterly. I pray that I can do more than that in the future and go bi-monthly. There is a lot of spiritual warfare on the front lines of ministry, and in Haiti especially. I need you and a growing number of ministry partners.

Lastly, here are some bullet points for prayer. Thanksgiving:

• our son Daniel graduated from KSU last Wednesday morning, and the Lord gave us safe travel and precious family time back in Georgia

• we have completed all the work in preparation to move into a townhouse and hope the deal will be finalized on Friday
• the Lord continues to speak to us through His word and give us strength to persevere through the many challenges of relocating to Florida


• for God’s direction in writing my first Doctor of Ministry course – “Paul’s Game Plan for Pastoral Ministry – A Harmony of the Pastoral Epistles”
• for His provision of supplemental income during the course of support-raising; I will be putting out more resumes and searching jobs all week
• for our son Daniel to find a full-time job now that he has graduated, and our son Joseph as he begins his junior year of high school August 24

Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who ever lives to intercede for us! May He bless you richly for being so faithful to pray for His people!

Sincerely in Him who invested His whole being in us, Alan

MINTS International Seminary 14401 Old Cutler Road Miami, FL 33158 (checks memo line, Alan Lutz)