How I was AWAKENED to Church 4 Chicks


We were sitting in Chick-Fil-A enjoying a large glass of un-sweet tea with lots of ice. Chick-Fil-A iced tea is more refreshing than the average fast food drink. They seem to brew it just right. Between sips, I was asking my friend about creative ways to launch the ministry God had laid on my heart. She asked me if I had heard of Shelley Hendrix, and her ministry, Church 4 Chicks? She felt learning from Shelley might be a great way to begin. I flatly replied “no,” as my mind was questioning, “Church 4 Chicks?” “Is that a church just for women?” “No thanks, I didn’t want to be a part of a church for women only.”

At the Holy Spirit’s prompting, after finishing my fellowship time with my friend, I began to take a deeper look at this “chick church” through on-line research. Boy did I have a lot to learn!
Frist I read their purpose statement: “We are here to Help Women Live with Purpose…Without the Pressure!!” Church 4 Chicks wasn’t a local church for women only; it was a women’s ministry, which included the broader Christian community and intergenerational fellowship and Bible teaching. There were likewise strong male leadership and accountability.

I read of how their purpose is to bring the generations together. Who does that anymore?

“How do we do this? We are so glad you asked. Team C4C is intentional to Create and Cultivate Environments of Grace for Women of ALL Ages. A place where women are free to be who they are and given the space and the grace to allow their relationship with God to grow at its own pace. (And, no we didn’t mean for that to rhyme!)

We are passionately enthusiastic about creating environments that bring the generations and cultures together. It is a joy to see teenage young women (and even younger!) mingling and building relationships with grandmothers–and everywhere in between!”

The concept grabbed me! I purchased my AWAKEN ticket and attended for the first time in 2013 with two dear friends. The beauty of the conference is it truly touches women of all ages and stages. My best friend and I were sitting there together as opposites. She resonated with the speaker who had tried to live a good Christian life, sought to marry in the Lord and raise godly children, yet experienced much hardship. Tears were streaming down her face as she acknowledged being a “good girl” doesn’t shield you from the trials of this life. I resonated with the “bad girl.” The speaker with the dysfunctional up-brining who did everything the wrong way, yet by God’s grace has been made new.

The next AWAKEN Conference is on Saturday, November 8th. Grab a ticket for yourself and a friend. Find out what these chicks have been up to! A blessing awaits you!

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