into me YOU see

Image“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said.” John 14:26 (ESV)

Missing genuine intimacy? Perhaps you are not leaning in on the Holy Spirit.  Even as a Christian, I used to shy away from talking about the Holy Spirit.  This was due to abuses I had seen. Yet thanks to a very dear spiritual mother, I realized that she had something that I wanted. Intimacy with the Helper.  Her deep love and dependence upon Him, brought beautiful anointing to her teaching and relationships.  I rejoice that due to her example and exhortation, I now indeed have a passion and devotion to my Helper.  And I love to talk about what He is doing in my life!

In the upper room Jesus promised the apostles that the Father would send the Holy Spirit in His name, and that the Holy Spirit would teach them all things, and bring to their remembrance all things that Jesus said to them (John 14:26).  This promise was fulfilled in the inspiration of the Gospels and Epistles of the New Testament, all written by the apostles and their close companions!  

The same Holy Spirit now illumines to us the word of God which He inspired.  The Helper brings light, and apart from Him we cannot understand the truth or experience true intimacy.

The finger prints of the Holy Spirit are all over a book I just read by, Rivera Douthit, Intimacy, into me You see. 

Do you long for deeper intimacy in marriage, friendships, with the Helper?  You will want to read my friend Rivera’s book.  She was clearly filled with the Holy Spirit as she wrote.

If you long for a richer relationship with the Lover of your soul, I highly recommend it!  In fact I am giving away one free copy! For a chance to win, leave a comment on this blog post between now and Friday, February 28th. Tell me an area in your life where you would like to see greater intimacy, or ways in which you fear intimacy.

21 thoughts on “into me YOU see

  1. lisa lomascolo

    I would love to experience greater intimacy with Jesus. I believe, read the bible, do quiet time , go to church weekly, serve, attend life group . I feel like im doing all things but am not as close to Jesus as I could/ want to be.

  2. Samdy Beard

    Would consider it a real blessing to win a copy of the book. Especially an autographed copy. I know this book will change lives while giving God all the glory. Rivera is such a talented person who is a true reflection of Jesus.

  3. Harriet

    If you think it is a great book, that is all I need to want it. I am constantly seeking the ability to have an intimate relationship with Christ. I don’t do “intimate” well.

  4. Shaun McAliley

    Cheryl, I love this word! My word for this year is contentment-I would love to have more intimacy with my savior because I think it would strengthen my dependence upon Him in this area. And then on turn, strengthen those relationships around me. Love you sweet sister!


  5. Paula Hill

    Oh how I could use a guide to letting people get closer. It has taken me a lifetime to grasp what true intimacy is. Hurray Cheryl for recommending this book. Luv ya!


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