Are You Dressed For the Day?

Spiritual Warfare Prayer by Charles Stanley
Good morning Lord.  Thank you for assuring me of victory today if I will but follow Your battle plan.  So by faith I claim victory over ________ (list things you know you will face today)
To prepare myself for battle ahead, by faith I put on the BELT OF TRUTH.  The truth about You Lord; that You are a sovereign God who knows everything about me, both my strengths and my weaknesses.  Lord, You know my breaking point and have promised not to allow me to be tempted beyond what I am able to bear.  The truth about me, Lord, is that I am a new creature in Christ and have been set free from the power of sin.  I am indwelt with the Holy Spirit who will guide me and warn me when danger is near.  I am Your child, and nothing can separate me from Your love.  The truth is that You have a purpose for me this day; someone to encourage, someone to share with, someone to love.
Next, Lord I want to, by faith, put on the BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Through this, I guard my heart and my emotions.  I will not allow my heart to attach itself to anything that is impure.  I will not allow my emotions to rule in my decisions.  I will set them on what is right and good and just.  I will live today by what is true, not by what I feel.
Lord, this morning I put on the SANDLES OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE, I am available to You, Lord.   Send me where You will.  Guide me to those who need encouragement or physical help of some kind.  Use me to solve conflicts wherever they may arise.  Make me a calming presence in every circumstance in which You place me.  I will not be hurried or rushed, for my schedule is in Your hands.  I will not leave a trail of tension and apprehension.  I will leave a track of peace and stability everywhere I go.
I now take up the SHEILD OF FAITH, Lord.  My faith is in You and You alone.  Apart from You, I can do nothing.  With You, I can do all things.  No temptation that comes my way can penetrate Your protecting hand.  I will not be afraid, for You are going with me throughout this day.  When I am tempted, I will claim my victory out loud ahead of time, for You have promised victory to those who walk in obedience to Your Word.  So by faith I claim victory, even now, because I know there are fiery darts heady my way even as I pray.  Lord, You already know what they are and have already provided the way of escape.
Lord, by faith I am putting on the HELMET OF SALVATION, You know how satan bombards my mind day and night with evil thoughts, doubt, and fear.  I put on this helmet that will protect my mind.  I may feel the impact of his attacks, but nothing can penetrate this helmet.  I choose to stop every impure and negative thought at the door of my mind.  And with the helmet those thoughts will get not further.   I elect to take every thought captive;  I will dwell on nothing but what is good and right and pleasing to You.
Lastly, I take up the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, which is YOUR WORD.  Thank you for the precious gift of YOUR WORD.  It is strong and powerful and able to defeat even the strongest of satan’s onslaughts.  Your Word says that He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.  So by faith I take up the strong and powerful sword of the Spirit, whish is able to defend me in time of attack, comfort me in time of sorrow, teach me in time of meditation, and to prevail against the power of the enemy on behalf of others who need the truth to set them free.
Lord, I go rejoicing that you have chosen me to represent You to this lost and dying world.  May others see Jesus in me, and may satan and his hosts shudder as Your power is made manifest in me.  In Jesus’ name I pray…Amen!

 * A dear friend sent me this last week!

6 thoughts on “Are You Dressed For the Day?

  1. RebeccaAarup

    LOOOOOOVE Charles Stanley! I met him once at a book signing–he’s like a my spiritual “hero”. His son, Andy, is pretty good too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Holly Duncan

    This is a wonderful prayer! A great way to practice putting on all the full armor of God! I plan to print it out and place it in my daytimer. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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