Breaking free from the clutches of the evil one through the blood of Jesus

Seizures. Muscle weakness. Nausea. Slurred speech.  Questions. Searching. Normal neurology reports.  Baffled medical specialists.  This was my life for ten years as I battled puzzling  symptoms with no medical cause.  Giving up on discovering an organic root, my focus turned to the spiritual realm, as church was the primary place these bizarre symptoms manifested themselves.  The next few years were a fight to engage the emotional and spiritual aspects of my demonic oppression.  My story describes this journey of discovering the cleansing power of God’s forgiveness and love in a deeper way than I had ever known.  As the strongholds of Satan were called forth and rebuked, sweet peace and humility began to permeate my spirit.  A gradual relief from the constant anxiety and obsession of pleasing others swept over me as I was restored and healed from the inside out. In writing my personal memoir my goal is to tackle the often-misunderstood and widely misrepresented reality of demonic oppression and how the enemy gained a foothold in my life through childhood sexual abuse, teenage drug use, and dabbling in the occult.  My goal is to bring biblical balance and practical application to anyone who is seeking victory form demonic oppression and the ensuing mental bondage.  My hope is to help any woman who is wounded and struggling to claim her inheritance of peace and joy that only Christ can offer.

Please pray with me that the Lord will provide a publisher to take my story!

8 thoughts on “Breaking free from the clutches of the evil one through the blood of Jesus

  1. Brenda

    I do think your story needs to be told, as Reformed circles often ignore this kind of spiritual warfare. Will be praying for a publisher.

  2. RebeccaAarup

    You know I think this story needs to be told. I’m also writing a book about my experiences as a prodigal and the demonic influences in my life. I was at one point a WITCH in a coven! I also experienced seizures. My meeting you online was a divine appointment! Can’t wait to read your book. May I send you mine (what I’ve got finished anyways)? (still in word doc format) My email is

    1. securelyheld Post author

      Indeed The Lord has connected us, Rebecca! Yes, please send me what you have so far. Do you already have a publisher lined up? Yes, tough road…seeking to trust and obey…and wait for Him!


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