PK’s: Pastor Kids or Powder Kegs

1 Corinthians 4:5 “Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.”

Have you ever “pronounced judgement before the time”? I know I have. Unfortunately, we often don’t realize the depth of pain this causes until we have it done to us.

One subgroup who has firsthand experience of this pain are PK’s.

“Pray for pastor’s kids (PKs). They face the see-saw battle between prideful hypocrisy and resentful rejection.”
Barnabas Piper

“Being a PK is like being a sinner in a fishbowl!”
From: Ligonier Ministries

A man once referred to one of our children as a “powder keg”. “Ready to explode at any minute. ” Unfortunately this gentleman didn’t realize that her anger and pain were caused by ones like himself. “Pronouncing judgement before the time….”

Franklin Graham has expressed how PK’s and their ministry parents experience relentless attacks from the evil one. He knows if he can destroy ministry families the implications are far reaching.

Hug a PK today! Pray for them as you ponder the intense spiritual attacks they face. If you see them sin, treat them as you should any other “kid”. Come along side them. Rebuke them and encourage them. Let them know you love them. Remember the daily pressures they endure from inside and outside the church!

PK’s: Powder Kegs or Preacher Kids? Through the prayers and support of
God’s people they don’t have to be both!

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